Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AND the baby shower!!

I forgot to add pictures from my WONDERFUL baby shower!! But you only get to see 2 pictures cause these are the only ones I'm smiling in and don't have my mouth wide open or my eyes shut :)

 My best friends from high school. Cherie and her little boy Coy, Allie and I
My sister in law Danica, threw me the cutest shower ever! The theme was "She is about to POP" and she decorated it all in popcorn theme and we had a popcorn bar with all sorts of different flavors of popcorn. The weather was AWFUL and was a complete white out blizzard so I missed a lot of people but it was still so much fun!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What the Batty's have been up to!

We have been doing so much fun stuff before our little man gets here! Here are some things we've done that have been a BLAST!! I threw in some pregnant belly pictures too!

So for Christmas I was able to get tickets from our good friends Bree and Dustin to a Jazz game! I had never gone before so I think I was more excited to give Colby the tickets then he was to receive them. It was the Jazz and Celtics game and it was soo intense!!
  Dustin, Bree, Me and Korv and Colby

Korver's FIRST Jazz Game! Waaa Hooo!

We thought the Jazz would get smoked by the Boston Celtics but it was actually a really close game and it was waay intense!

Colby and Trev and Mckoy! (cutest nephews)

I have never been ice fishing before so Colby thought it would be a good idea to go before the baby gets here! Let me tell you what it was a BLAST!!! Way more fun then regular fishing!! Here is Bree, Korv and Me inside Dustin's sweet ice fishing tent! (I would have froze with out it)

           My first fish!! :) sooo cute and little!

                 My first BIG fish! Colby had to hold the fish cause I refused! ew yuck no thanks fishy smell!

            Me and Colb on the Lake

                    Standing on frozen water. I was so scared at first but once you're out there its not to bad!

Last but not least BELLY PICTURES!!