Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strep.. IN JUNE!!

So I know everyone who is reading this post is thinking.. why is Andi the picture for my step in June post? Well here we go! About 2 weeks ago I started getting a headache and sore throat and I joked with my mom that I had Strep cause my throat was killing me. So the sweet mom she is called the Doctor and got me an appointment that morning. Well come to find out I did have strep and I haven't had it in... 10 years or more. Needless to say it sucks and its awful and if I never have it again it will be too soon! Well here comes the part about my little Andi. On Thursday me and Colby took a road trip to Flagstaff and Andi stayed home with Grandma and when we got home my mom said she just wanted to be held ALL day so I knew something was going on. Well from Friday to Monday she had an extremely high fever and would gulp really hard every time she tried to swallow. She wouldn't move and all she wanted to do was snuggle up in my "blankey"... (that she thinks is hers) :) and sleep. She was the sickest little dog. So from the lack of food and water she had no energy to even lift her head just open and close her eyes. Anyone who knows Andi knows she gets sick.. ALL the time. It's always because she eats human food or something other then her dog food and her little sensitive stomach just can't handle it. So Colby and I debated on taking her to the Doctor because if they told us she got into something one more time we would flip out! But deep down I knew she had a different sickness cause I've never seen her THIS sick before. So Colby took her to the Doctor while I was in St. George and the Doctor said she had a very high fever which is really scary for such little dogs and that I had given her my Strep throat. Although they don't call it Strep throat for dogs they just call it a bacterial infection. So she got some Amoxacillon (same thing my Doctor gave me for my strep throat) and she has had 3 doses of it so far and today she is a new little girl! She is up and walking around, wagging her little tail and chewing on her bone (which is what she is known for)! Thank goodness she is doing better! She had her parents, papa and grandma, great grandma Bulloch and Bubba, Danica and Harley SOOOO WORRIED! We are so grateful for Doctors and medicine that make Andi and I feel better and get over this awful sickness! Watch out Colb... I believe your next :) So to everyone who reads this... as crazy as it sounds you CAN get strep throat in June and to make things even more crazier... your little animals can get it too!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Miss Andi

Andi LOVES the sun!! She is my baby after all! She will ring her bell (which is what she does when she wants to go potty or play outside) and she will walk until the sun hits her back and then she plops right down in the sun and just lays there! In our apartment its one big back yard for everyone so she usually only gets to go out and go potty and then has to come back in. Today she kept ringing her bell so I let her out thinking she must REALLY have to go do her thing... no.. just wanted to lay in the sun haha so we both decided to lay out. We can't get enough of this warm weather!

Summer 2010

I finally got a new car!! It's a Dodge Nitro.. I kinda feel like I betrayed my family by getting a Dodge but I LOVE IT!! Many people know I use to own a Jetta... well it was slowly dying after having it for 6 years. The A/C didn't work, no stereo, it would grind when going into gears, it would cut out and lose power so I'd have to pull over until it decided to go again and many many MANY more things were wrong so Colby and I decided it was time for a new one! It's a funny story how I decided I wanted this little SUV. It was like when I saw my wedding ring for the first time.. I just knew I wanted it! We weren't even looking at cars and we saw one in Cedar but it was lifted and had wheels but the same color as mine and I told Colb that when I get a car I wanted it just like the one we had seen. Well I don't think he thought I was serious until I started pricing them out on KSL and looking at dealers and what not. Well I went up with my parents to my nephew Drey's kindergarten graduation. (we decided not to look up north and that we would look in southern Utah.) I went up to Lehi not expecting to go car shopping at all but I think my dad was a little more excited about a new car then I was (at the time). We pulled into Riverton Chevrolet and there it was right as we pulled in.. and the rest is History :) but we LOOOVE IT! It took Colby a while to warm up to it but now... he always wants to drive so... I think he likes it more then me some days :)