Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Boy

Well there you have it! We our having a little boy! I knew all along that he was a little man but I am guilty and I was hoping for a little girl. When you don't know for sure what they are you can always hope right...even if you know what they are! But shockingly as bad as I wanted a girl when the ultrasound tech said well you have the legs and then... there is something in between all I could feel was happiness! He's going to be my little man, my buddy, mommy's protector and most of all his daddy's best friend. (weird I can cry over everything! I'm just glad this is a blog so you don't have to sit through the sobs :) ) He is going to have so much fun with his other 2 boy cousins who will be his same age! We have decided to name him Korver Brooks Batty. I know its different but we love it so for all of those who don't like it (especially my in laws) WE DON'T CARE! :) He checked out just as perfect as can be expected and he is still right on track to come April 13th! Because I'm a mama bear ALREADY I'm not going to put his ultrasound picture on here that PROVES he's a boy cause that's personal! :) but in this side profile if you don't believe its a boy there is an extra arrow with no label... and you can guess what that is :) We are so excited to know what he is and to call him by his name and yes we have already gone shopping... maybe a little too much! I'm so excited to have our family even out! Colby and Korver and me and Andi! 2 boys and 2 girls. We are pretty much complete!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

All 3 Baby Bumps

Last weekend I went up to Lehi to visit my Sister Desi, and her family and my brother Dusty and his wife Emmi. All 3 of us are pregnant! Desi is due December 11, Emmi is due February 8th and I'm due April 13th, so we are all about 2 months from each other. It was not planned.. AT ALL it just happened this way! Desi and Emmi are having boys and we will find out in a couple days what we are having. We decided to get pictures taken since this would probably be the last time we were all pregnant together before Desi has her baby so here we are...

Desi and Treven, Emmi and Boston and Me Batty :) (don't mind my dress is all ruffled in the back I had to make it tight so you could see my tummy)

From the front

From the side/front

Me and my Sister

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween was so much fun! This year was mine and Colby's first Halloween together! He is usually in Colorado on his yearly hunt but I lucked out this year! I was bat girl (a pregnant one.. weird i know) and Colby was a skanky devil mistress and our little baby was the CUTEST bumble bee ever! Andi looks miserable in her costume but she was such a good sport!

This is a full body shot of our little family. You can even see my tummy poking out!

Benny (My brother-in-law)purposed to his girlfriend Heather and of coarse she said YES! Yay for another girl in the family!!