Monday, August 1, 2011

3-4 Months

So yes time flys by! Especially when you have a little guy to keep ya busy! I can't believe he is almost 4 months! It breaks my heart! He is getting so fun and I absolutely love being a mom more and more every day! He is my little sidekick and we do everything together! Its been so long since I've up dated my blog cause I really have no time I feel! But I guess that's okay cause if my blog was kept up to date every day then you could worry about my child not being taken care of :)

This is what Korver has been up to
-First giggle!
-Talks... and talks... AND TALKS just like his Daddy!
-Kicks his legs "he's gonna be a soccer playa"
-Loves to stand and sit with assistance
-When he is laying he tries to sit up
-Sleeps 10-12 hours through the night
-Grabs onto things
-Snuggles with his blankies and pulls them to his face
-Sucks on not only his hands but anyones hands who gets close to his mouth
-Loves stories
-Has big HUGE smiles
-Had his first sleep over ever and it was with his Grandma
-Likes to be tickled
-Pulls on Andi
-Loves to be held facing forward so he can see the world
-Becoming more shy
-LOVES his tongue!

Being a mom is the greatest gift I've ever received and I love this little guy more then life!

2-3 Months

-Starting to coo and talk
-Recognizes mom and dad
-Smiles on demand
-Sits in bumbo
-Found his voice and uses it!
-Keeps eye contact
-Loves his bottles (lots less work)
-Went on his first trip to California
-First zoo trip
-Loves his stroller rides
-Loves any type of music
-First time swimming
-First tummy ache :(
-Smiles when I turn his mobile on.. he LOVES it!

Korver is 2 months old!

-He turns his head to our voices-Sleeps 5-6 Hours at night

-Is awake more and more
-Loves his binki! (love is an understatement)
-Loves his baths
-Loves his jungle gym
-Loves lullabies (so fun)
-Learning to control his arms and legs... well not control but move them like a crazy man
-HATES tummy time.. unless he is on his boppy and has his bink
-Smiles in his sleep
-Sleeps through noises
-Had his blessing

Korver's Blessing

Korver was blessed on June 5, 2011. Not only was he the most handsome little man in a white tux I've ever seen he had a glow about him the whole day. It was a beautiful day and Colby did the most OUTSTANDING blessing I have ever heard. Now I'm not just saying that because he is my husband and he blessed my child (even though that has a pretty big part of it) people from our ward complimented him on it for weeks and weeks and weeks! Colby prepared for Korv's blessing for a long time spiritually and mentally. He was so worried he would miss something or not say what he wanted but the blessing was seriously flawless. I am so blessed to have such an amazing priesthood holder as my husband and I'm so grateful he could bless our son. What an amazing day!