Thursday, May 13, 2010

No more blogging!

So i've basically been on the computer all afternoon trying to figure out this blogging stuff and my sweet Andi has been so patient all day! She finally jumped up on my lap and looked at me with this look. Doesn't it just say "NO MORE BLOGGING!!" I love her attitude.. reminds me of... her dad :)

I have been so against blogging because lets be honest I don't have a human child to blog about and Colb's and my life are the same every day.. unless we go on vacation. Anyway so I was doing my sister in laws hair, Amberley and she is like the blogging goddess and gives me crap for not keeping up on my blog so I'm doing this for her :) she told me that its totally okay to blog about my dog so that's what I'm going to do! The other night Colby had a softball game and it was FREEEEEEEZING so I dressed Andi in her pink little fury coat so she would stay somewhat warm at the game. We got to our apartment and I set her on the ground with her coat on, so I could get changed into some warm clothes. Well she always follows me around our house but this day she was no where to be found. I found her in the exact same spot that i set her down at. She was walking side ways and just acting really funny. So I walked down the hall way and called to her to come see me and she walked behind the door and stuck her head out like.. "uh no I'm not coming out in this outfit!" I was laughing so hard that I could hardly call her to me! She finally came and when she did she walked right up against the wall with her head down. It was hilarious! :( So my little "princess" dog that was going to be dressed up all the time with clothes and bows gets humiliated by girly stuff... sad day for me! She's a tomboy and it breaks my heart! ha ha

Okay, Okay so I'm going to start this blogging thing for REAL this time. Hopefully sooner then later I will get it all figured out! I'm slowly learning how to add and take away stuff from my blog so if there is ever a time you get on and there's a HUGE blown up picture of something random... don't panic its just me trying to figure out what the heck is going on!! So here is a picture of my wonderful family! Colby, me and our little princess Andi. Together we make a family and I'm starting to think we are complete with just us :) :) Colby is starting to get so busy with Nocks (for those who don't know what Nocks is; its his archery shop that he owns) Its starting to get into the hunting season.. for most normal people. (our hunting season never ends or begins its a constant thing in our family) but he does love every minute he is in there. I'm staying busy with hair. Of coarse its hit and miss but I'm very grateful for my clients they are the best in the world and they are why I love my job! Andi is gr owning up so fast! And is more high maintenance then EVER!!! She wont eat her dog food.... lovely right?? So I took her to the Dr. and he tells me she has ME trained :( so basically I'm a push over and when she doesn't eat her food I cook her chicken... I can't let my baby starve! So now she is on a very strict diet :( which breaks my heart cause she is so hungry and I know every time she tries to eat her dog food she's gagging deep down. She doesn't even really eat it, she just hides it through out our house. Even though she has all these little quirks she is still the high light of mine and Colb's life. We love her so much and she is the bestest little princess we could have ever asked for!