Thursday, April 21, 2011

Korver Brooks Batty

He is FINALLY HERE! The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were the HARDEST 2 weeks of my entire life! Not only because of the discomfort of being pregnant but I was starting to think that I would honestly be pregnant for the rest of my life! Everyone who was due around the same time as I was, either before or after me had all had their babies! I had a friend who was due 2 days before me have her baby the end of March and I had 2 cousins who were due after me one on the 14th and one on the 19th who had their babies the first of April and April 12th and then everyone in my prenatal class all had their babies and I wasn't even the last one who was due. So I had LOTS of tears and I was so frustrated. I was scared I was going to have a 15 lbs baby, because my tummy was so huge and Colby is a pretty sturdy guy we and when I say we I mean EVERYONE thought this little baby would  weigh over 8 lbs! So I was so scared he would have a HUGE head and be a state record baby and he would get stuck coming out! I was so afraid I was going to watch my due date come and go.. which obviously they give due dates for a reason right? I just figured maybe I would go early like everyone else.... obviously not!
The Monday before my due date (my due date was April 13th) my mom and I drove up to Lehi to get my sister and her boys and bring them to Cedar "Just in Case" I were to have this baby during the week. I was so excited because whenever my sister is in town the time FLYS by and so I was thrilled she was coming down because then time would definitely go by and it would help me get my mind off being pregnant. We played so hard on Tuesday we went to the Aquatic Center here in Cedar and swam and swam and SWAM! It was so fun! Then the dreadful day I had been waiting for for 9 months was here! To my surprise I woke up at 5:50 with a contraction and then a few minutes later another one. I started timing them and they were coming every 10 minutes right on the money! So I woke Colby up and told him he wasn't going to work and we timed my contractions for an hour. Then once we figured they were pretty consistent we called my mom and told her we were probably going to have a baby today. I got up and got in the shower. Well my contractions started to become less consistent and way random like 8 minutes and then 15 minutes and I was starting to get scared they were going to go away. So I laid back down in bed and they started coming every 10 minutes again. Colby and I got all ready and we took Andi up to my moms about 9:30. When we got up to her house my contractions started to be less and less consistent which made me so frustrated- I mean who has their baby on their ACTUAL DUE DATE... NO ONE! So why I was frustrated who knows... oh it was cause I thought this was it and I was finally not going to be pregnant any more and finally have my sweet baby. So my mom and sister came up with the grand idea to go shopping so I would be walking and maybe my contractions would kick up again. Well we walked through 2 stores and nothing was happening I mean 1 here and 1 there. By this time I was so sick of it and I kept getting my hopes up every time I had a contraction then nothing would happen so we decided to go to lunch and then head to my moms and take a nap. I woke up from our nap at 4 with a stronger contraction then what I'd been having and we started timing them and they were 8-10 minutes apart and so I told everyone I was NOT about to move I was going to lay there so they would stay consistent! By 7:30 I decided to get up and have some dinner and watch American Idol while Colby ran to wal-mart. While he was out he called Labor and Delivery and said my wife is having contractions but they are not very consistent (because of coarse when I got up from laying on the bed they went inconsistent AGAIN) and he said she HAS to have an epidural so when should we come in and the nurse said well come on in and we will check her out. So he came back up to my moms and told me what they said but I was in NO rush to get out to the hospital because I knew they were just going to tell me i was dilated to a 2 or 3 and 40% effaced just the same as I was at my dr.'s appointment so we hung out until 9:45pm and then off to the hospital! To my surprise I was dilated to a 4+ 5 and 80% effaced and the best part was I GOT TO STAY! They werent' going to send me home to wait it out. So all the things I was afraid of changed to things I was afraid of in the hospital like getting an IV and my epidural and pushing a baby out! But I got my IV and didn't cry (which was HUGE). We walked around the hospital from 12:30am-1am to see if my contractions would get stronger and get closer together which they did until I got back in my bed and I didn't have a contraction for 20 minutes! So they started me on the pit and there were girls SCREAMING down the hall and it totally freaked me out! So I let my contractions get a little more tense but nothing I couldn't handle and then decided to get my epidural before the pain got to bad. I was a 6+ when I got my epidural and I didn't even flinch when I got it! It was the best choice I've ever made getting my epidural :) I was in the best mood and I had so much energy! by 6:00 am I was complete and they called my doctor and I did 2 pushes with my nurse and Colby. When my Doctor came in she said okay we will be pushing for probably 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours and my nurse looked at her and said "No, I don't think so she is doing really good" and Laurie (my Dr.) looked and said "Oh you can see his head!) And I pushed 5 more times and Korver was born at 6:21 am. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. HE WAS SO TINY compared to what we all thought. He is perfect in every way and I'm so blessed that he is my little boy! I look at him and can't believe he is mine! I love being a mommy! Motherhood is by far the best gift in this life! I'm so lucky I could be a woman and have this opportunity to bring life into this world. Thanks for coming into our little family Korv we sure Love you!!

Here are some pictures they are totally out of order so just bare with me!!

Colby and his Little boy

Me and Korver the morning he was born
Korver Sleeping- He is so good at it :)

 Weighing in at 7 lbs 5oz and 20 inches long
 Right after he was born

The second day in the Hospital

 His going home outfit. He scratched himself so he was a naraly owie on his cheek
Finally going home!

 We were so worried about Andi not liking the baby and getting jealous. She is a little jealous but more then anything she is protective of her baby! It's so cute to see her interact with Korv.

 Colby with his niece Ellie and Korver the 2 babies of the extended Batty family
 Here is Korver with his cousin Treven. He is my sisters little guy and they are already the bestest buddies!
 Korver-up close and personal
 Andi sleeping with Korver on my lap. So cute!